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 Things that make Shiro happy: loving a guy who truly, genuinely finds misogyny distasteful.

...oh hey. I should probably remark further on that one, seeing as it's not the same guy I last mentioned. XD Jared and I split...gosh, a while ago. We were still friends for a while, but shortly before he got a new girlfriend, he cut off all contact with me, so I don't even know where we stand anymore. Oh well. 

Currently, and for the last...threeish months?, I've been into this guy who lives in England. He's a sweetie, total gamer boy, incredibly intelligent, and the only guy with whom I've been able to discuss gender issues without wanting to kick him in the balls. I like him kind of a lot, but the whole distance thing...argh. Anyway, right now we're taking things as they come--he makes me happy, and I make him happy, and that's plenty good enough for now.
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I want to pick a destination to which I've never been, fly there, and set up shop. Just pick up and move someplace where I know no one and nothing and there are no memories.

But then again, that is an incredibly dumbassed idea, and so I will refrain.
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OMG delicious, so delicious.

Today, my little sister and I did the bonding thing and cooked together! Every once in a while, we both get in a sweets-producing mood and make cupcakes or brownies or something, and this time it was a recipe I wanted to try--homemade peppermint patties! I liked how they turned out, softer than the York ones. They're almost like bigger Junior Mints. I HAVE to share the recipe with y'all.

1 can of condensed milk
5 1/2 cups powdered sugar, sifted
1 tablespoon peppermint extract
3 cups semisweet chocolate chips
3 tablespoons shortening

Get your stand mixer out, first of all. I'm sure it's possible to do this with a spoon and some elbow grease, but goddamn I wouldn't want to. All that powdered sugar. x.x Combine two cups of the powdered sugar, the condensed milk, and the peppermint extract in the mixer bowl and mix them up with the paddle attachment, if you have one. Once that's combined, slowly add in the rest of the sugar. Don't be like me and add it while the thing's still going fast--I am not a clever girl. It did get a giggle out of my sister, though. I swear, eleven years old and she already has more common sense than her big sis. Anyway.

So once you've got delicious pepperminty dough, form it into discs--about an inch wide and a centimeter thick--and plop them on a cookie sheet. The dough will be sticky, so we thought of "flouring" our hands in more powdered sugar before each scoop. It worked pretty well! We put them on parchment paper, but they kinda stuck. We made them a bit too thin also, which is why I'm advising you all to make them a bit thicker. Ours started breaking. Anyway, chill them for an hour or so. I took the time to introduce the kiddo to Doctor Who--she loved it.

While they're chilling, make the chocolate coating. Take the chocolate chips and stick them in the microwave in a safe bowl for 30 seconds on half power, stir, and put them back in. Repeat til it's smooth, and then stir in the shortening. Coat the chilled patties in the chocolate, moving quickly because these suckers melt fast. Set them aside and allow them to harden, and enjoy!
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Guess who has two thumbs and shingles?

This girl right here! :(

About a week ago, I started having weird back pain in one particular spot with no visible cause. It was worse when I was lying down (predictably, it was on the side I sleep on), so I assumed that it was a loose spring in my mattress or something. Oh well, happens.

Then one day I scratched my back and--hey, what are all these bumps? They covered a small patch on my back, about the size of a halfdollar. My skin's ridiculously sensitive, so my new thought was just a rash, happens all the time. Then they started hurting. A lot. To the extent where I couldn't sleep more than half an hour or so at a time because the pain was waking me up. Yeah, give me meds plz?

Skip forward a day (the doctor's office was closed because of a snowstorm), and I'm having my first non-pediatrician doctor visit. (Yup, the last time I was ill enough to require a doctor, I was young enough for a pediatrician. I'm luckily healthy.) The diagnonsis? Shingles. Biogeek triumphant, I had thought that's what it was.

So now I'm on an antiviral and pain meds. One pill takes the pain away and makes the world happen in slightly slow motion; two pills, and I can't feel nothin' at all, and moving is like swimming through Jello. I hate this. I can't wait til I'm over it.
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wtf why am i doing this

Because it's 5 AM and I need something to do between pear restocks on Wajas, I guess.

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